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GGTX Geochron Global Time Indicator US$0.00

The Geochron is the only mechanical world clock ever made showing the sunlight pattern on the earth in real time. With a 6 square foot backlit museum-quality lithograph map that moves; the Geochron Standard is a stunning conversation piece with a variety of finishes to fit any décor. Follow the seasons, months, days and seconds – with 300 moving parts. Hand-made in USA and installed in the White House Situation Room. Available with a custom-engraved silver placard to commemorate any special occasion.

A precision work of art, the Geochron is entirely mechanical. No computers, no circuit boards and true to its original design for 50 years, the Geochron is – and will always be – a mechanical timepiece of over three hundred moving components to create the finest global clock in the world. It is the only mechanical geographic chronometer made today.

All Geochron world clocks are handmade to order to deliver the high quality that is expected of the same Geochrons installed at the White House, the European Space Agency, NASA, the Jet Propulsion Lab and the 135 installations in the Pentagon. Of course, Bill Nye the Science guy has one.

A visual feast of terrestrial movement

The fully mechanical Geochron shows in real time:
• Legal time zones in 12 or 24 hour formats
• Greenwich Mean time
• Local Apparent time
• Moment of sunrise
• Moment of sunset
• Duration of daylight
• Sun’s meridian passage
• Sun’s equation of time (Analemma)
• Degrees of latitude and longitude
• Month, Day, Hour and Second in every time zone

It’s also a stunning display of the Earth in real-time on your wall…
At 2x3 ft. in size, the three hundred moving parts in the Geochron display global time and the sun’s daylight pattern on Earth in real-time as it continually rises and sets on a high quality lithographic map that is driven from left to right by mechanical servos in sync with the rotation of the earth. Like the Earth, the sun never sets on the Geochron. At the same time, the Sun’s Terminator Line mechanically morphs minute by minute, showing the seasons passing through the Northern and Southern hemispheres at exactly the same aspect as the earth’s 23.4 degree axial tilt.

TO ORDER: Because we offer a large variety of Geochron models with many possible selections of framing materials, colors and decorative trim, rather than order direct from this web store, please write or call MMI MARKETING for a complete list with pricing and descriptions of all models. After making your choice, we can send you a direct quotation including shipping charges to your door.
Basic prices range from US$1,695.00 for the standard model to US$2,995.00 for boardroom models. Detailed descriptions of all models will be sent together wth your price list.

Please contact us at: MMI MARKETING email: Tel: +1 410-366-1222
2950 Wyman Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21211 USA

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 December, 2005.