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HPT2 The Orbit Tellerium US$495.00

The Orbit Tellerium is a model of the sun, earth and moon. The sun is simulated by a light bulb in a parabolic reflector, which casts a strong light onto the earth and moon.

1. The earth spins on its axis at the same time as the Moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbits the Sun.

2. A Date Indicator disc clearly indicates which month / season is being demonstrated .

3. A hand adjustable and removable Moon

4. The Moon’s orbit and Earth’s daily rotation can be demonstrated individually or together.

5. Demonstration of day/night, seasons, shadows, eclipses, phases of the Moon and the eclipse cycle - Clearly demonstrates why eclipses don’t happen every month.

How it works:
The user gently pushes the structure with the model earth and moon on it, around the sun. This automatically turns the gears so that the moon orbits the earth. While the earth is pushed round the ‘sun’ once, the moon orbits the earth 12 1/2 times. The gears also ensure that the inclined axis of the earth is pointing in a constant direction, in order to demonstrate the seasons.

Day & Night Model
A small model of a person can be easily attached to the globe. The light from the sun lamp is sufficiently strong for the person to cast a shadow on the globe. As the globe is rotated, the person will pass from daylight to night time; and his shadow will be long in the morning, short at midday and long again in the evening.

As the model earth is pushed round, the gears ensure that the earth’s axis is directed constantly to an exterior point; so that if the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun at the beginning, it will be tilted away from the sun by the time the earth has completed half its orbit, i.e. 6 months later.

The Moon
For these demonstrations, a smaller sphere is used to represent the earth instead of the larger globe. The strong light from the sun lamp illuminates one side of the moon, which shows the phases of the moon as seen from the earth. To show the cause of an eclipse a card is mounted on the end of the handle.

The informative booklet accompanying the Tellerium offers details of how to demonstrate these and other topics.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 July, 2008.
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