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HP1 The Helios Planetarium US$995.00

A teaching Planetarium on a Desktop.
A motorized model of the planetary system combined with a star dome. Teaches basic and advanced astronomy concepts.

Standard Model Helios Planetarium includes North dome

Accessories for the Helios include:

  • HP-N Extra North Dome
  • HP-S Extra South Dome
  • HP-TM Extra teaching manual
  • BB-333 Converter from 110/220 volts to 6 volts DC
  • #500 Plug adapter kit for overseas users
    (Model HP1 is equiped with a USA electrical plug with 110 volts)

General Description

  • Model planets rotate at their correct relative speeds.
  • Includes working models of the Earth, Earth-Moon system, planets, stars, tides, spaceflight
  • 72 page Teaching Handbook included

Daylight and the Seasons (Earth Model)

  • As the earth rotates on its inclined axis, sunlight can be simulated using a flashlight.
  • Demonstrates day, night and seasons
  • Changing shadow lengths explained

The Sun and Planets (Orrery model)

  • Features lighted sun and models of Earth, Moon, asteroids and planets from Mercury to Saturn which revolve at their correct relative speeds
  • Planets can be positioned around the Sun for any year and month
  • Speed and direction of rotation of planets can be controlled.
  • Compelling demonstration of spacecraft path from Earth to Mars.
  • Planets can be added and removed for specifi c demonstrations.

Phases of the Moon, Eclipses and Tides

  • Demonstrates rotation of the moon around the earth
  • Demonstrates moon phases
  • Creation of the tides

The Night Sky (Star domes)

  • Star domes illustrate positions of stars and constellations
  • Lines of right ascension and declination, ecliptic, celestial equator
  • Students look through the dome to observe “the real night sky”.

NOTE: The Helios operates on 6 – “D” batteries for portability or from 110-220 volt line voltage using the supplied converter.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 May, 2006.