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C300 Classroom Celestial Globe US$215.00


Transparent 12” diameter globe

The Instructor’s choice for small group classroom study of the celestial sphere.

The Earth and the Celestial Sphere
The 12 inch transparent representation of the celestial sphere surrounds a 4 inch diameter earth globe mounted within the outer sphere. The terrestrial globe may be rotated independently from outside. The celestial sphere depicts 88 constellations with names and line connections, major stars with names, major Messier objects with names, celestial coordinates of right ascension and declination, ecliptic (path of the sun) with divisions showing months and days, and the milky way. The durable high impact plastic globe is printed on the inside, so that one can view the heavens by looking through the sphere toward the outside.

Lesson Plans
A comprehensive instruction manual with lesson plans is included with each globe and includes up-to-date planet position tables. We have sold hundreds of these globes over the years to all levels of educational institutions and we recommend this model very highly for group classroom instruction.

Moveable sun, time scales, meridian and horizon
A moveable sun inside the star globe, also operated from outside, can be positioned by date along the ecliptic scale (path of the sun) to show its position as seen from earth at any time or place. In addition, celestial coordinates of right ascension and declination are depicted on the celestial globe and delineate star and deep sky object locations. An hour and date dial at the north pole enables one to set the globe for any given date and hour. The globe rests in a steel cradle (enabling latitude setting by tilting the entire celestial globe) on which are imprinted degree marks along the horizon and meridian circles. The sturdy base is imprinted with the 4 cardinal compass points and degree marks between.

Demonstrations and Study Projects
Some of the many demonstrations and projects possible using model C300 include:

  • Celestial sphere and its coordinate system
  • Celestial horizon
  • Celestial equator
  • Ecliptic (path of the sun) and its relationship to the celestial horizon
  • Position of the sun throughout the year – explanation of seasonal changes
  • Summer and winter solstices
  • Vernal and autumnal equinoxes
  • Time and azimuth of sunrise and sunset
  • Southing (crossing of the meridian by the sun)
  • Positions of fixed stars and constellations, how they vary throughout the year and at different hours
  • Change of length of day and night throughout the year and 8.5 ptvariations on this change on different parts of the earth
  • The zenith
  • Time and time zones
  • The zodiac and the planets
  • Paths of heavenly bodies at the poles, at the equator and in between
  • “Land of the midnight sun” explained and much more!

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 May, 2006.
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