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E6526 DISCOVER Science Library, Complete Set of 15 CDs US$599.00

NEW! DISCOVER! Science Library
* In CD format for for grades 6-8 and 9-12
* Available as individual programs, 5-packs and unlimited network/site licenses
* Already adopted in a number of states as “major teaching tools”

Entire Library contains 15 CDs, 100+ chapters, 1100 lessons, 100 exercises, 350 Video clips and 15 half hour videos. Topics cover Astronomy, Life Sciences, Oceans, Weather, and Geology. Details of all the programs are as follows:

Discover! Astronomy

Volume 1: Astronomy and the Universe
How the universe came to be and evolved. Star formation and the life cycle of stars. What the universe is made of: space, energy and matter. How astronomers learn about the universe. Kepler’s and Newton’s laws of motion. The nature of matter and energy.

Volume 2: Earth and the Inner Solar System
See the sun as a star within an environment that includes a family of planets. Sterile Mercury, baked Venus, spaceship Earth (and its blasted moon) and frigid Mars. Earth-based studies and robotic missions to the inner planets reveal clouds, craters, volcanoes and features unique to each planet.

Volume 3: The Outer Solar System
See the gas giants from the point of view of a space probe. Tour the different atmospheres, ring systems and moons of the outer planets. Compare Pluto to the Jovian worlds, comets and asteroids. Consider impact craters and make your own; see what it’s really like in the far reaches of the solar neighborhood.

Volumes can also be purchased individually as follows:
Volume 1 - Order Item no. E454X
Volume 2 - Order Item no. E4558
Volume 3 - Order Item no. E4566

Discover! Life in the Environment

Volume 1: Introduction to Life Science
Take a multimedia journey to understand life on Earth - plants, animals and humans. Explore the biosphere. Find out how plants work. Learn about the biology of humans and animals. Explore life in the oceans and find out how productive environments function. Learn about evolution. Find out how changing populations impact our planet.

Volume 2: Introduction to the Environment
A multimedia investigation of Earth's environment - time, processes, energy and climate. Learn about changes in the Earth over time. Explore how different forms of weathering and erosion shape the land. Learn about powerful glaciers. Find out about energy use and climate change. Discover how people are working to make the Earth a more livable planet.

Volumes are available for individual purchase as follows:
Volume 1 - Item No. E633X
Volume 2 - Item No. E6410

Discover! Physical and Chemical Sciences

Volume 1: Introduction to Physical and Chemical Sciences
Basic concepts in physical and chemical sciences. Time, space, position, distance, co-ordinate systems; matter and atomic theory (atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, solids, liquids and gases); energy (conservation, potential and kinetic, heat, work, machine); waves and vibrations (wave motion, reflection, refraction, interference, amplitude, wavelength, frequency); force and motion (speed and velocity, gravity, Newton's laws); electricity.

Volumes are available for individual purchase as follows:
Volume 1 - Item No. E6747

Discover! Oceans

Volume 1: Earth’s Oceans
The fundamentals of physical oceanography. Earth’s water cycle. The special properties of water. Earth’s water reservoirs. The role of the sun’s energy in driving the cycle. Ocean heating and ocean currents. The evolution of ocean basins and continental margins within the context of plate tectonics and continental drift.

Volume 2: Oceans in Motion
A look at ocean action. Waves, tides, and changing sea levels. Submergent and emergent coastlines. Coastal features and interactions. Light in the oceans. Plankton, food chains, food webs and trophic levels.

Volume 3: Earth’s Water Cycle
A “big picture” view of Earth’s hydrologic cycle. How liquid and solid water move over and through the land. Landforms shaped by moving water. Glaciers and glacial balance. Remote sensing and the oceans from space.

Volumes are available individually as follows:
Volume 1 - Order Item No. E4086
Volume 2 - Order Item No. E4108
Volume 3 - Order Item No. E3690

Discover! Weather

Volume 1: Weather Fundamentals
Get a view of the weather as a global system. See Earth’s atmosphere as air masses in motion that interact to produce our weather. Look at the water cycle, cloud formation, cloud types, and warm and cold fronts. Global, regional and local patterns and how they are influenced by geography.

Volume 2: Extreme Weather
What makes storms? Why do some storms become so dangerous? Get inside a thunder cell, a tornado and a hurricane. See where the jet stream fits into the picture. Learn where storms get and release their energy. The human and economic impacts of severe weather events.

Volume 3: Weather Forecasting and Climate
See how local weather observations, weather charts and satellite data come together to predict a great day at the beach. Build your own backyard weather station. Learn how remote sensing of the oceans and the atmosphere—coupled with historic weather data—allow us to look into the past in order to predict Earth’s future climate.

Volumes are available for individual purchase as follows:
Volume 1 - Order Item No. E2032
Volume 2 - Order Item No. E4590
Volume 3 - Order Item No. E4604

Discover! Geology

Volume 1: Dynamic Earth
A look at the Earth as a dynamic system in action. Earth’s formation, shape, size, motions, internal structure and magnetic field. Geological history and time scales. The changing geosphere. Plate tectonics and continental drift—plus earthquakes and volcanoes!

Volume 2: Minerals, Rocks and Resources
A look at Earth’s raw materials and how they are cycled and recycled. Minerals and crystal structure. Atomic bonding. The three main rock groups: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Rock formations and the rock cycle. Renewable and non-renewable resources.

Volume 3: Carving the Earth: Soils, Erosion and Landforms
Earth’s surface is always changing. This volume looks at erosion in all its forms—from wind, water and ice to plate tectonics. Folds, faults and impact structures. How soil is formed and how it varies with climate and latitude. How small and large forces act over time to change the Earth’s face.

Each Discover! Science Library CD includes the following:

1. Interactive multimedia tutorials: Each CD includes up to 200 screens with text and pictures/illustrations plus many interactive exercises and dozens of video clips. All core text is fully narrated (with an on/off option). Built to pedagogically correct standards with appendices for advanced research.

2. 3D Virtual Laboratory: Gather samples; select instruments and tools; explore different planets and natural environments. Formulate and test hypotheses, then analyze and plot data in dynamic, discovery-oriented experiments.

3. One 30-minute, high-resolution, digital video on each CD, with content indexing and one-click navigation.

4. Two text levels: Students can toggle between grades 10-12 or grades 6-8 text levels or stay at one of the two text levels throughout. All vocabulary checked for age-appropriateness.

5. Quizzes for the students and 1800-question Test Bank for teachers

Volumes are also available individually as follows:
Volume 1 - Order Item No. E3926
Volume 2 - Order Item No. E4574
Volume 3 - Order Item No. E4582

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 July, 2008.