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E6747 DISCOVER! SCIENCE LIBRARY Physical and Chemical Sciences - US$116.00

Discover! Physical and Chemical Sciences

Volume 1: Introduction to Physical and Chemical Sciences
Learn the basic concepts of physical and chemical sciences. Time, space, position, distance, co-ordinate systems; matter and atomic theory (atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, solids, liquids and gases); energy (conservation, potential and kinetic, heat, work, machine); waves and vibration (wave motion, reflection, refraction, interference, amplitude, wavelength, frequency); force and motion (speed and velocity, gravity, Newtonís laws); electricity (static, charging, current, AC/DC, series, parallel, series-parallel circuits, Ohmís Law, voltage, resistance, current, watts, power sources).

Each Discover! Science Library CD includes the following:

1. Interactive multimedia tutorials: Each CD includes up to 200 screens with text and pictures/illustrations plus many interactive exercises and dozens of video clips. All core text is fully narrated (with an on/off option). Built to pedagogically correct standards with appendices for advanced research.

2. 3D Virtual Laboratory: Gather samples; select instruments and tools; explore different planets and natural environments. Formulate and test hypotheses, then analyze and plot data in dynamic, discovery-oriented experiments.

3. One 30-minute, high-resolution, digital video on each CD, with content indexing and one-click navigation.

4. Two text levels: Students can toggle between grades 10-12 or grades 6-8 text levels or stay at one of the two text levels throughout. All vocabulary checked for age-appropriateness.

5. Quizzes for the students and 1800-question Test Bank for teachers

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 25 September, 2006.