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E6488 DISCOVER! SCIENCE LIBRARY - Life, Environment & Physical a US$216.00

Discover! Life in the Environment

Volume 1: Introduction to Life Science
Take a multimedia journey to understand life on Earth - plants, animals and humans. Explore the biosphere. Find out how plants work. Learn about the biology of humans and animals. Explore life in the oceans and find out how productive environments function. Learn about evolution. Find out how changing populations impact our planet.

Volume 2: Introduction to the Environment
A multimedia investigation of Earth's environment - time, processes, energy and climate. Learn about changes in the Earth over time. Explore how different forms of weathering and erosion shape the land. Learn about powerful glaciers. Find out about energy use and climate change. Discover how people are working to make the Earth a more livable planet.

Discover! Physical and Chemical Sciences

Volume 1: Introduction to Physical and Chemical Sciences
Basic concepts in physical and chemical sciences. Time, space, position, distance, co-ordinate systems; matter and atomic theory (atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, solids, liquids and gases); energy (conservation, potential and kinetic, heat, work, machine); waves and vibrations (wave motion, reflection, refraction, interference, amplitude, wavelength, frequency); force and motion (speed and velocity, gravity, Newton's laws); electricity.

On each Discover! Science Library CD:

1. Interactive multimedia tutorials: Each CD includes up to 200 screens with text and pictures/illustrations plus many interactive exercises and dozens of video clips. All core text is fully narrated (with an on/off option). Built to pedagogically correct standards with appendices for advanced research.

2. 3D Virtual Laboratory: Gather samples; select instruments and tools; explore different planets and natural environments. Formulate and test hypotheses, then analyze and plot data in dynamic, discovery-oriented experiments.

3. One 30-minute, high-resolution, digital video on each CD, with content indexing and one-click navigation.

4. Two text levels: Students can toggle between grades 10-12 or grades 6-8 text levels or stay at one of the two text levels throughout. All vocabulary checked for age-appropriateness.

5. Quizzes for the students and 1800-question Test Bank for teachers.

Volumes are available for individual purchase as follows:
Volume 1 - Item No. E633X
Volume 1 - Item No. E6410
Volume 1 - Item No. E6747

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 25 September, 2006.