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This 5 meter (16 ft.) dome is designed for use with the portable version of theCosmOdyssey projector and has a fan-inflatable skirt and velcro double closure doorway. One may enter in a near standing position, just tilting one’s head a bit. The dome height is 10’ 2” (3.1 meters) and accommodates 25 adults or 35 children.

Quick and easy to inflate. The dome is inflated in 6 or 7 minutes with a silent and powerful fan (provided with 110V or 220V option) which also ventilates the interior. Fan control is available from inside the dome. This dome is accessible to wheelchairs and may be easily evacuated in a few seconds by lifting the inflatable skirt.The dome and fan together weigh 88 lbs. (73 lbs. + 15 lbs.) Metric: 40 kg (33 kg. + 7 kg.). Carrying bag is included.

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