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This 5 meter dome is constructed from eight sections, or gores. The sections bolt together with stainless steel bolts (provided) through the outward vertical flanges.The “equator” of the dome has an inward flange that provides support for the dome when resting on a wall.This flange may also be used to support lighting or projectors, as needed.

The spherical inner surface of the dome is a smooth white gelcoat and is suitable for direct projection.The joints between the gores are normally filled with caulk or spackle.The fiberglass construction provides excellent sound insulation from outside the dome.Although not necessary for function or appearance, the dome surfaces may be painted, as desired.

At the top of the dome is an hexagonal opening of about 24 in. diameter.This opening allows access to the top outside of the dome, thus simplifying assembly. The access hole is normally covered with a flush-fitting fabricated part (supplied).Ventilation and/or sound systems can be fitted into this opening.

The outer vertical flanges also provide excellent supports if the dome is to be hung from the ceiling. In addition, the dome may be easily built into a ceiling, using any standard building technique.

When the dome is mounted on its matching wall, access is normally through a doorway built into one of the gores.The doorway can be as large as 60 in. wide, thus accommodating double doors, and of course, meeting all handicapped access requirements.

Although primarily designed for indoor use, this dome and wall system can be installed outdoors for use as a planetarium, or for any other application requiring a medium sized, pre-fabricated building.

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Dome during pre-fitting at facory.

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