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MMI Corporation is pleased to offer the MMI Model M20  Portable Planetarium System to educators teaching the concepts of astronomy. The MMI M20 Portable Planetarium System is designed to be the centerpiece of your Astronomy/Space Science unit. Usable for any grade level, it will generate a high level of student interest in this very popular subject.

The M20 system is remarkably simple to operate. The high quality stellar projection system will project 2000 stars down to magnitude 5.0 onto its inflatable dome – an impressive night sky full of stars, phased moon, constellations and, when desired, the sun. The night sky can be viewed from any point on the earth and sky motion is displayed

The Model M20  planetarium system has been designed to meet the needs of educators at all levels at a very affordable price.  Please request current price list.

Please use the links below to download brochures for MMI  Model M20.

Our brochures are Adobe PDF files and they require the Adobe Acrobat Reader application or the Acrobat Reader plug-in installed for your web browser in to be viewed.


M20 brochure (2MB)


Our brochure is as an Adobe PDF file and it requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader application or the Acrobat Reader plug-in installed for your web browser in order to be viewed.

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