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MMI Corporation is pleased to offer the CosmOdyssey Planetarium System to educators teaching the concepts of astronomy. The CosmOdyssey offers a wide range of advanced features and projects the entire northern and southern celestial sphere. Nowhere else in the field exists this combination of quality and exceptional affordability.

The CosmOdyssey planetarium system is available in three separate configurations::
1. CosmOdyssey 4 (Portable)
2. CosmOdyssey 4 (Stationary)
3. CosmoOdyssey Aries


Please use the links below to download brochures for each of the available models.

Our brochures are Adobe PDF files and they require the Adobe Acrobat Reader application or the Acrobat Reader plug-in installed for your web browser in to be viewed.


CosmOdyssey 4 (Portable)


CosmOdyssey 4 (Stationary) (292K)
16ft Planetarium Dome (144K)


CosmoOdyssey Aries

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