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MMI Corporation was founded in 1973 for the purpose of supplying teaching materials and equipment for astronomy to educators at secondary and College/University levels.

Products includes portable and permanent planetariums in dome sizes ranging from 10 ft. diameter (3meters) up to domes in the 40 ft. (12 meters) and 50 ft (15 meter) range and including suspended, inflatable and permanent type planetarium domes.

We also offer many products such as our Polaris observatory domes, 35mm color slides, videocassettes, laserdiscs, CD-Roms, Sun-Moon-Planet models, celestial, terrestrial and planetary globes, satellite models, and a variety of other items, many not found elsewhere.

MMI customers include College/University and secondary educators, planetariums, observatories, researchers and amateur astronomers.

Our products are available on our online store. Additional information is available on particular products of interest, and we can often send you ancillary materials such as color brochures, etc. on those particular items.

We welcome you to browse this web site to obtain information on specific products and/or to order a catalog. Please visit our page of related links. We thank you for visiting us on the web and you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.

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